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  • Wellness GoTürkiye

    Live your life to the fullest physically, mentally, and socially – Türkiye can help support and complement your wellness experience and journey in the most rewarding way.

    Thermal Springs & Spa Facilities

    Türkiye’s thermal springs and spa facilities have the highest standards and enjoy a stellar reputation. Spas and thermal bath facilities allow visitors to relax, to enjoy a wide range of specialized treatments, and to rest both physically and mentally while benefitting from the therapeutic waters and other healing therapies. 

    Turkish Hammams

    Turkish hammams have a very important place in the health and wellness tourism of our country with their healing waters and their long history in the Anatolian geography.

    Turkish Health Care & Medical Care

    You shouldn’t have to wait for your health-care and medical needs. You will find the fastest and most efficient response to your health-care needs in Türkiye.

    Mediterranean Diet

    The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the world’s healthiest diets. The importance of food diversity has been established in terms of its benefits on health, and the most important feature of the Mediterranean diet is its great variety and high nutritional quality. This diversity in the everyday diet is ever-present throughout Türkiye.